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Our longtime friend and "fearless leader" Pam Stinogel of Milford, Iowa has been the number one fan and supporter of the Memory Brothers for over 30 years. In the decade of the '90s, she served as the head of the Memory Brothers' Fan Club - tirelessly organizing picnics, get-togethers and sending out newsletters and notices.

To this day she still unselfishly continues to devote her time and energy to spreading goodwill among the many fans and followers of the Memory Brothers. And her kindness and generosity extends well beyond promoting the band as she is a friend and helper to many through both her work at the Spencer Hospital and through her church involvement.

The past two years have presented Pam with a series of trials and tribulations - any one of which would be overwhelming by itself. She's had two strokes, battles diabetes, has lost her sister, Mary, to cancer and now faces the biggest battle of her life - stage IV cancer and the ensuing chemotherapy.

Pam is a lady of great faith who has been there for countless people over the years, but now she needs our support - friend or stranger, it doesn't matter. A card, a letter, an entry in this guest book, a cheerful phone call - all these things can help buoy the spirits of this lady who now faces the unknown.

Pam Stinogel
1207 - 10th St.
Milford, IA 51351

Please keep Pam in your thoughts and prayers!
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Pam seated at the "Fan Club" table at Table 316 in November of 2011.
Left: Pam and sister, Mary, with the
Lennon Sisters.

Below: Pam having lunch with Doug at Perkins in Milford, Iowa in
November 2011.
Pam with close friends, Jon & Lois Rute.
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4/12/12 (Thursday)

Pam is undergoing a series of six, chemotherapy sessions at the Abben Cancer Center in Spencer, Iowa. These treatments were originally scheduled to be administered every twenty days. The first one was on February 20, and Pam cruised through that session and the ensuing 19 days with flying colors.

The second chemo treatment on March 12 was a different story. About two weeks after the second treatment, Pam began having some problems (severe pain in right leg, fatigue and weakness.) She found herself unable to tolerate the chemo plus keep a full work schedule as materials buyer at the Spencer Hospital, so she decided it was time to officially retire from her job of 42 years.

During this difficult time, Pam's family and friends have pitched in by taking her into their homes to keep a close eye on her and to make sure she is getting proper nutrition. She especially would like to thank her good friends, Elwood & Marlene Johnson; brother-in-law David Ellenwood (and family) and brother Jack Stinogel and his wife Kim.

Pam's next scheduled chemo session of April 13 has been re-scheduled for May 7 to give her some time to "regroup." Today (4/12/12) she is heading up to Jack & Kim's place in St. Cloud, Minnesota for some R&R where she will be in excellent hands (brother Jack is a doctor and Kim is a registered nurse!)

Please keep Pam in your thoughts and prayers! And please continue to post your get-well wishes on her online guest book (click link at bottom of this page.)

4/30/12 (Monday)

Due to mounting medical expenses not covered by Pam's insurance, we have decided to organize a "Benefit for Pam" on Saturday, July 21, 2012. This will be held at the Milford Community Center in Pam's hometown of Milford, Iowa from 3-7 PM (doors open at 2:30 PM.)

The Memory Brothers Large Band will be performing along with special musical guests. There will be a free will donation box where friends and guests can donate what they can to help our dear friend Pam. And there will be food and beverages available with all food proceeds going directly to Pam.

We've already had some generous offers including food donated by Eric (owner) of the Buy Rite grocery store in Milford. And Linda Geske owner of "Table 316 Steakhouse" and "Smokin' Jakes" in Arnolds Park, Iowa is giving us several gift certificates which we will raffle off at the benefit. Also, Pam's good friend Marlene Johnson of Milford will be baking several cakes.

So, things are starting to come together only days after this benefit was conceived. We will be keeping you all apprised of new developments and details via this web page and through the weekly Memory Brothers emails.

Many our out-of-town friends have already started talking about incorporating "Pam's Benefit" into a weekend at the Iowa Great Lakes. So for those of you who are planning an overnight stay, please make your motel reservations as soon as possible as July 21 falls right in the middle of the vacation season at the Lakes.

Below is a link to some of the many motels in that area:

Pam baked a birthday cake for Doug.
Cedar Cabin Club, Ashton, IA - 1982.
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Pam and Doug at Table 316 in Arnolds Park, Iowa on Friday, May 18, 2012.

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