On Sunday, November 6, 2011 hundreds of people streamed into the Echo Valley Convention Center in West Union, Iowa. They were attending the very first "Dance for Life" benefit organized by Darwin "Lefty" Schrage, family & friends in memory of his wife, Barb, who had fallen victim to ovarian cancer on March 4, 2011.
For eight continuous hours, attendees enjoyed eight of the "best of the best" regional country & western bands. The final band of the evening was Lefty's own group, "Wichita" and they capped off the event with Lefty's original composition "NSP" - an instrumental tribute to his beloved Barb.
During the course of this concert, those in attendance contributed generously; and by the end of the day, several thousands of dollars had been raised.

Besides commemorating "Dance for Life," this website's purpose is fourfold:
1) These pictures allow those who had attended to enjoy the memories of that wonderful event.

2) These pictures permit those who were unable to attend a glimpse of the outpouring of love directed towards the Schrage family and of the resolve of those in attendance to rid the world of ovarian cancer.

3) Bookmark this page, because here is where you will link to details for each year's "Dance for Life."

4) Even though you may not have been able to attend this year's benefit, at this site you will be able to donate "after the fact" to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (O.C.R.F.) by sending your check made out to "O.C.R.F." to:

Lefty Schrage / 229 S. Walnut / West Union, Iowa 52175

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