Videos clips of the Memory Brothers' performance
at the IRRMA Hall of Fame Concert / September 1, 2013
Below are the induction and live performance videos of the Hall of Fame Concert at Roof Garden courtesy of Tammy Glass. These clips were taken with a Flip video camera and are standard definition - definitely not high def but good enough to capture the fun and excitement of the concert. Be sure to turn on external computer speakers
(or headphones) for optimum sound.

Doug Koempel © 2018
Memory Brothers inducted into IRRMA Hall of Fame on Sunday, September 1, 2013  - from left to right:
Doug Koempel, Keith Zeller, Dave Christopherson, Christopher Jon, Mike Flack, Erik Berg, Kevin Conner.
Awards presenter David Petersen. (not present Larry Crandall, Lefty Schrage and Mike Williams.)